A writer’s bitter sweet moment

Books on bookshelves have always been wonderful and intimidating. They stare at me with deadly smiles. On one hand, I’m glad they exist. I want them to pull me away from reality. They can take me anywhere away from here. I can find a lullaby in another’s worries. Sounds strange, but it works every time. … Continue reading A writer’s bitter sweet moment

Advice for writers wanting to publish

I’ve been down the writing road for a while. Along the way, I learned concepts that some never hear about. You cannot justify what the reader reads. This was one of the hardest concepts for me to grasp. I spent over a year writing a novel, but my friend Lily got confused about the plot … Continue reading Advice for writers wanting to publish

Best writer resource

After writing for many years, I've found the best writing resource: beta readers. Beta readers are writers who critique your manuscript before an editor or agent. They're critical since it's difficult to edit your work, because it always makes sense to you. Beta readers catch those mistakes for free! Writers usually have one or two … Continue reading Best writer resource

Query letter tips

Even though it may seem so, you’re not alone when you write a query letter. Below are some tips to help make your query the best it can be. Tips: Queries are about half a page long on a Word document. They’re around 200 words.Queries are not meant to be a summary of your novel. Don’t tell … Continue reading Query letter tips

Query letter structure

Write an awesome hook sentence. The hook sentence is the most important part of your query. It grabs the agent’s attention and keeps his/her/they reading. Usually, it mentions an interesting part of the plot as well. Hook sentences are difficult to make, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a long time to find the … Continue reading Query letter structure