Toughest of the tough

You'd think writing the novel was the hardest part. Or perhaps editing the novel was worse. But no. Queries always seem to be the hardest. They are the one thing I have never gotten a "this is amazing" from. I always get critiqued hard and have to start over again. I took a break from … Continue reading Toughest of the tough

Common query mistakes

At my new internship, I got to see what was in the bottom drawer: rejected queries. For over an hour, I read query after query. The rejected queries all had repeated mistakes. Here's some of the most common ones: Misspellings One writer wrote "aknolegments" instead of "acknowledgements". Spelling, especially in the writing career, is essential. … Continue reading Common query mistakes

Query letter structure

Write an awesome hook sentence. The hook sentence is the most important part of your query. It grabs the agent’s attention and keeps his/her/they reading. Usually, it mentions an interesting part of the plot as well. Hook sentences are difficult to make, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a long time to find the … Continue reading Query letter structure

Query letter websites

Even though it may seem so, you’re not alone when you write a query letter. I listed some websites to help you write the best query before. Websites: Query Shark is a website written by a literary agent. She has hundreds of query letter examples show how to write and edit a query letter. She … Continue reading Query letter websites

What to do afterwards

After editing your query letter to the best it can be, it's time to find some literary agents. Here’s some tips on how to find some: Find books that are similar to yours and go to the acknowledgments section. Writers thank their literary agent there most of the time. Go to QueryTracker, which is a … Continue reading What to do afterwards