A writer’s inner fight

There are deadlines for my deadlines Should I set another one? Print the page out and mark it up Is one word the difference between Acceptance and rejection? A house or a home? A school or a dictatorship? What's the difference between Ninety-nine words and a hundred? Should I edit this another day? The deadline … Continue reading A writer’s inner fight


It’s simply insane sometimesHow much we put into our livesOnly hoping the memory of us will live onFor others to come I have heard stories of othersOf how they stood bravelyOnly fighting for their hopes and dreamsFor the life they desired Yet those who love, find anotherAnd they love as wellCreating a domino effect that … Continue reading Home

A writer’s journey (part three) – time management

Time had never been my friend. We hit it off a few times and got everything done, but that was rare. Most of the time, we fought and we fought hard. Every time Time knew I had something to do, it made sure the hours ticked by faster than normal. In high school, Time made … Continue reading A writer’s journey (part three) – time management