Alexander (Hamilton)

There’s not many people in the world like me They all stop and stare without a word Perhaps you can call me Alexander Because I don’t stop anymore   Even if it’s Christmas I work towards a goal I have Cause how can life matter If I don’t try to complete   I work non-stop, … Continue reading Alexander (Hamilton)

Writing with a demand for attention

Since I moved into my dorm this year, I met a new lovely young fella named Muffin. Muffin is my suitemate’s dog who never looks directly at my camera when I try to take a picture of her most of time. She’s an interesting addition to our dorm life. But she’s also a handful. Being … Continue reading Writing with a demand for attention

A writer’s journey (part two) – writer’s platform

I can't remember what day it was anymore, probably around February four years ago, when Lily sat down in front of me in the band room. She had her handheld laptop in her hand. “So, I've been looking up how to be a successful writer,” she said in a soft voice. Of course, I knew … Continue reading A writer’s journey (part two) – writer’s platform

Talented Writer – Ajay Tulsiani

Not all talented writers are well known, which is a shame. Hundreds of wonderful writers out there never get the recognition they need. One talented writer I’ve found recently is named Ajay Tulsiani with his piece, Takes One to Know One. His fiction story is about a woman in a terrible relationship. She’s pleased that … Continue reading Talented Writer – Ajay Tulsiani

Inspiration controlling me

My hands fumble along the stereo in my car. I turn it up to a perfect volume – 39. My ears may pay for it later, but I don’t care right now. I love the way the music takes over me. It helps me relax and focus on the cars around me at the same … Continue reading Inspiration controlling me

Discouraging writers

So, I’ve noticed something discouraging among famous authors: becoming lazy. I've seen many authors - even the top authors in America – lax their writings after hitting fame. For example, one of my favorite authors seems to use passive voice more and more when she writes. I’m sure I would’ve noticed it before when I … Continue reading Discouraging writers

Using foreign languages in stories

Not everyone in the world speaks one language, so sometimes your characters shouldn’t either. More books that I read these days mix languages into their stories. They don’t have descriptions of scenery in another language or so, because I might end up throwing the book across the room as I try to decipher letters mixed … Continue reading Using foreign languages in stories

NaNoWriMo saves me

I’ve had writing ambitions for almost my whole life. When I was in 8th grade, I finally had the choice to pick an elective class that wasn’t band and I picked creative writing. I wanted to take anything that had writing in it that year. I was going through a lot at home and writing … Continue reading NaNoWriMo saves me

A writer’s journey (part one) – research

I can’t remember the pivotal moment in my writing career anymore, but something changed in me between high school and college. In high school, I was writing because I had so many stories inside of me. Words flew out of me all the time and I cared less about who read them. Not many people … Continue reading A writer’s journey (part one) – research

Writing and time

Writing is something I love, but not something I can always do. For a while, I’ve been working forty hours a week. By the time you’re reading this post, I’ll be about halfway through my semester at college with five classes, an internship, working, and keeping up with this blog. I might even be thinking … Continue reading Writing and time