Ghosts mirrored

I say goodbye through a mirror,an opaque one where I can't see your reaction. Perhaps this is why I'm familiar with ghosts.Because everyone's hearts were too big to say goodbye. So, I stand in front of a mirror that is a walland pretend for a lying moment that you're gone. But you'll never really be … Continue reading Ghosts mirrored

First lines given – #3

Welcome to First Lines Given! If that sentence confuses you, here's a link to where I explain what this is. Today's first line is by Ann Harrison-Barnes! (Happy early birthday, Ann!) She said: Such a sweet one! I rarely see snow, so I don't write about it often. Anyways, here's the result: On a cold … Continue reading First lines given – #3

Why do I want to know about their failures?

During author interviews, many people ask about the final product. They ask about where the book idea came from or how the writer became a writer. But I'd rather know more about how the writer failed. Did any characters disappear in later drafts? Did any scenes get cut? If so, which? Why? Were any scenes added? … Continue reading Why do I want to know about their failures?