One of the greatest mistakes

I've mentioned that beta readers are useful on here before, which most of them are. But some can be harmful. A beta reader edited my novel a couple of years ago. He didn't read through it all though, but instead tore it apart and asked me to write it again. I thought through his advice … Continue reading One of the greatest mistakes

Tricks to winning editing battles

Editing your own work is a difficult battle for everyone. The need of editors comes into reality. Not everyone can afford editors though. Depending on how good the editor is or how long the novel is, the cost of an editor can go way over $1,000. Sometimes more than $2,000. But some tricks have emerged … Continue reading Tricks to winning editing battles

Deadliest phrase for creative people

“Next, let’s critique Robin’s piece.” My college professor smiled as everyone in the class pulled out my piece, except me. I felt their eyes turn to me. It didn't help that we all sat in a circle, facing each other. I had nowhere to hide. My teacher might have said the title of my story … Continue reading Deadliest phrase for creative people

Advice for writers wanting to publish

I’ve been down the writing road for a while. Along the way, I learned concepts that some never hear about. You cannot justify what the reader reads. This was one of the hardest concepts for me to grasp. I spent over a year writing a novel, but my friend Lily got confused about the plot … Continue reading Advice for writers wanting to publish

Best writer resource

After writing for many years, I've found the best writing resource: beta readers. Beta readers are writers who critique your manuscript before an editor or agent. They're critical since it's difficult to edit your work, because it always makes sense to you. Beta readers catch those mistakes for free! Writers usually have one or two … Continue reading Best writer resource