ARC Review — Leaving and Other Poems

Title: Leaving and Other PoemsAuthor: K. Morris Genre: PoetryPages: 90 pagesPublication date: January 25, 2022 Thank you, K. Morris, for giving me a copy of the book in exchange for a fair review! I've enjoyed K. Morris' last two books, so I of course picked up Leaving and Other Poems. This collection is split into two … Continue reading ARC Review — Leaving and Other Poems

Difference in success

At an English Major panel, I got advice for success in life-after-graduation. It was a cozy room, stuffed with English nerds. Afterward, I talked with a professional author. One of the first sentences she said was, "I don't agree with what she said during the panel." She pointed toward a CEO in the publishing field. … Continue reading Difference in success

Common query mistakes

At my new internship, I got to see what was in the bottom drawer: rejected queries. For over an hour, I read query after query. The rejected queries all had repeated mistakes. Here's some of the most common ones: Misspellings One writer wrote aknolegments instead of acknowledgements. Spelling, especially in the writing career, is essential. … Continue reading Common query mistakes