An affordable editing service for books!

What to expect from me:

I love editing stories and would like to help yours!

I’ll use Track Changes in Microsoft Word, so you know everything upfront. I edit based on the Chicago Manual of Style, but I can switch to another style if you prefer. If you wish to add something to the service like story ideas or if you want me to focus on a certain section, just let me know! I charge a flat rate of .02 cents per word.

Copy editing:

I will focus on grammar, spelling, and sentence structures. This service is recommended for your manuscript that is early on in the editing process.

Developmental editing:

I will focus on the story’s content and structure of each chapter, including character development, scenes, pacing, plot, etc. This service is recommended for your manuscript that has been edited throughly before.


My qualifications:
  • BA in English with a concentration in creative writing
  • Member of American Copy Editors Society (ACES)
  • Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing
  • Technical Writing Certificate


Contact me for more information!