Query letter structure

Write an awesome hook sentence. The hook sentence is the most important part of your query. It grabs the agent’s attention and keeps his/her/they reading. Usually, it mentions an interesting part of the plot as well. Hook sentences are difficult to make, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a long time to find the … Continue reading Query letter structure

Query letter websites

Even though it may seem so, you’re not alone when you write a query letter. Here are some websites to help you write your best query: Query Shark is a website written by a literary agent. She has hundreds of query letter examples to show how to write and edit a query letter. She also … Continue reading Query letter websites

How to find a literary agent

After editing your query letter to the best it can be, it's time to find literary agents. Here are some tips on how to find some: Acknowledgements section Find books that are similar to yours, and go to the acknowledgments section. Writers thank their literary agent there most of the time, especially if the agent … Continue reading How to find a literary agent