Every writer needs this

As writers, we don't hear what we need to hear as often as we should. So, I shall tell you. It's amazing that you have an idea for a story. You sat down to write today? Great job! You wrote down a beautiful sentence? You go you! Wrote a paragraph? Fantastic! Wrote a page? Awesome! Wrote … Continue reading Every writer needs this

Positive writing times

There’s this negative aroma around the writing profession sometimes. So, in case you have forgotten recently, I shall enlighten you with some amazing writing facts. More people have been reading than ever before, especially millennials. Which also means more chances of your work being found, read, and liked. It’s all right if you’re writing more … Continue reading Positive writing times

Terrible critiques vs amazing critiques

Every writer needs critiques. As I’ve posted here before, critiques from beta readers are awesome at helping writers improve their work. However, that doesn’t mean that every critique a writer gets is helpful. Critiques are there to point out what may not be working well in a writer’s story. But they’re all suggestions. No one … Continue reading Terrible critiques vs amazing critiques

What a writer needs

Being a writer is a tough job. There are times when we need to buy gifts for ourselves, let our friends get us gifts, or beg our friends and family until they get us something. Either way, there's some creative gifts out there that us writers nee- I mean want.  Writer's block - Every writer experiences … Continue reading What a writer needs

My major writing problem

Whenever I write a novel, I come across a major problem. I’ve created this entire world down to the smallest detail. I know where the mountains end to become the flat lands that will eventually meet a river. I can picture where all the enemy camps are and who are there. I know the history … Continue reading My major writing problem

For when a bad critique comes

There are some critiques we will get as writers that make us feel worthless. They come at random times and sometimes when we least expect it. In those moments, we’re vulnerable. So, here’s some quotes to remind us why we are here and why we’re still fighting for our voice to be heard whether it’s … Continue reading For when a bad critique comes

Writer’s block is okay

I stared at the screen, but nothing worked. No matter what way the words formed on the page, it was all wrong. Nothing– No. That’s wrong. Let’s start over again. I stared at the screen, but nothing worked. No matter what way the words formed on the page, it was all wrong. Nothing–  The air … Continue reading Writer’s block is okay

Advice for writers wanting to publish

I’ve been down the writing road for a while. Along the way, I’ve learned things that some writers never hear about. Here’s some of them: You cannot justify what the reader reads. This was probably one of the hardest concepts for me to grasp. I spent over a year writing a novel, but my friend … Continue reading Advice for writers wanting to publish

The Best Writer Resource

After writing for years, I've found the best writing resource: beta readers. Beta readers are writers who critique your manuscript before an editor or literary agent sees it. Most of the time, you don't know your beta reader personally. They can edit as much or as little as you desire. Usually, writers have one or … Continue reading The Best Writer Resource