Common Query Mistakes

At my new internship, I got to see what was in the bottom drawer: rejected book queries. For over an hour, I read query after query. I discussed them afterwards with the director as well. The rejected queries all had a theme with repeated mistakes. Here's some of the most common mistakes: Misspellings I'm not … Continue reading Common Query Mistakes

Query letter tips

Even though it may seem so, you’re not alone when you write a query letter. Below are some tips to help make your query the best it can be. Tips: Queries are about half a page long on a Word document. They’re around 200 words. Queries are not meant to be a summary of your novel. Don’t … Continue reading Query letter tips

Query letter structure

Write an awesome hook sentence. The hook sentence is the most important part of your query. It grabs the agent’s attention to make them keep reading. Usually, it mentions an interesting part of the plot. Hook sentences are difficult to make, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a long time to find the right … Continue reading Query letter structure

Query letter websites

Even though it may seem so, you’re not alone when you write a query letter. Below are some websites to help you write the best query. Websites: Query Shark is a website written by a literary agent. She goes through hundreds of query letter examples to demonstrate how to write and edit a query letter. … Continue reading Query letter websites

What to do afterwards

Once you’ve edited your query letter to the best it can be, here’s some tips on finding agents to send them to: Find books that are similar to yours and go to the acknowledgments section. Most of the time, writers will thank their literary agent. That’s also a great way for you to find a … Continue reading What to do afterwards