Your rejection

The first time I realized something was wrong with me– No. Hold up. Is that wrong of me to say that? When you break me into pieces for something I created can I– No. I’ll start over. Reset. Words on the page have always been my passion. No matter if I wrote it or not, … Continue reading Your rejection

Proud Writer Moment

After piles of rejection letters or people's critical advice, it's nice to be accepted every once in a while. Every writer needs to feel the appreciation for the wonderful creative pieces they have made. Last week, my flash fiction piece, "The Forgotten", has gotten accepted by Friday Flash Fiction. This makes me one step closer … Continue reading Proud Writer Moment

Oh. You want the truth?

Oh. You want the truth? It’s a bit messy. It’s the joke your friends make that you shyly laugh off. It’s the smiles and tears that come when someone finally sees the end. It’s the hours upon hours of sitting in one place, hoping the mixture of words turn out better than where it started … Continue reading Oh. You want the truth?


It’s simply insane sometimes Of how much we put into our lives Only hoping the memory of us will live For others to come   I have heard stories of others Of how they stood bravely Only fighting on their hopes and dreams For the life they desired   Yet those who love, find another … Continue reading Home

Your validation

You sit there and tell us your ideals. But When did your ideas validate what my Actions must be? Did you inherit Your crown when you stepped into The room? If I step into another Room, do I get a crown too?   My creative words are validated by your pen But I’d rather play … Continue reading Your validation

Alexander (Hamilton)

There’s not many people in the world like me They all stop and stare without a word Perhaps you can call me Alexander Because I don’t stop anymore   Even if it’s Christmas I work towards a goal I have Cause how can life matter If I don’t complete what matters   I work non-stop, … Continue reading Alexander (Hamilton)

Why I write

there's no greater movement inside of me than when their faces shine bright from the something I've created from nothing   the something may make me cry make me fall down and self-doubt but there's a beauty from the pain it brings   the beauty brings smiles on people's faces the smiles bring a rushed … Continue reading Why I write