A friendly reminder

The publishing world may seem bleak. Literary agents and editors have been quitting. Less agent engagement in pitch contests. Barnes and Noble doesn’t want to stock new and some already established writers. Lots of barriers are still in place for diverse writers. The list goes on.

But while the world may seem gloomy, remember that more people read now than ever. More are searching for your words.

Don’t give up hope. The industry has been through a lot in the hundreds of years that it has lived. It can make it through this. It can transform.

It may not be today or tomorrow, but your words will inspire others. They’ll show off your book to a friend. Someone will make fan art of your stories. You will be someone’s favorite author.

Keep writing. You got this!

5 thoughts on “A friendly reminder

  1. Which is why a vibrant small press/university press sector is so important as a valid alternative to serious new, young, and sometimes even old and experienced writers and for the publishing industry itself. Competition is almost always healthy. Thanks Robin!

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