Another year older!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I decided to do another casual update like last year since I’ve been so busy. I started off strong this year, but at one of the conferences I went to, I got behind schedule. With volunteer work on top of that and projects overlapping, it had definitely taken a toll.

But I got to see Regina Spektor, which was cool.

So, here are some casual updates:

I’m behind schedule on my reading goals, but nothing I can’t catch up with. I’ve read nineteen books so far. The best one has to be Fire Becomes Her with Amulet of Wishes and One for All being close seconds. Skin of the Sea was also really good. I actually got an ARC of Amulet of Wishes‘ book two—Lady Night. So, if you liked my review of book one, you’ll get to see book two later this year.

For my freelance editing business, I’ve edited twenty-three books this year, and I’m booked up until the end of December. I also hit thirty testimonials, which is exciting.

Here are some recent pictures of my office assistants:

image descriptions:
1—a chocolate lab lying in the green grass and chewing a red toy that’s in the shape of a bone.
2—a black terrier looking directly at the camera with green grass under him and a brick wall behind him.
3—a light brown puppy, close to the camera, sniffing the grass. A thin, young tree and a brown fence is in the background.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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