Musical hearts

Out from my heart
comes a song no one hears

It wanders around my head
and slips out in a word or two

Everyone hums their own song,
another word or two to another tune

They stumble their feet to mine,
while I hop in time to theirs

But we never really hear each other’s fully,
not enough to know how to move

Instead, we imitate a mix of what little we know
and try to mumble-sing the rest along the way

It reminds me of throwing hearts at each other,
just to see if they’ll spark

It gets messy when some rise their anger,
upset we cannot hear what’s right in front of us

But hearing each other’s songs may not be the point;
some parts will always stay hidden

Maybe it’s the effort we put in to learn the most we can
and putting the beat together along the way

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

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