2022 goal updates

To continue what I’ve done the past couple of years, I’m going to go over some 2022 goals I set in December and check in to see how much I’m on track.

  • Grow my freelance business more

This one I have done! My freelance business—Dragon Editing Services—has stayed busy. I’ve gotten over 25+ testimonials in total and am booked out until September at the moment.

  • Finish going through and inserting suggested edits from my editor

I am about 70% through this. I actually took a turn and have been going through it with a beta reader. So, I’ve been getting some additional feedback as I piece it together with my suggested edits.

Which, honestly, has been cool because I don’t usually get to chat with my betas. Most people who have beta-ed for me came back to give me a few pointers or just…gave up. But with my beta now, we’ve been going through one chapter at a time to get more of a deep dive.

  • Write a query letter and get it good enough to send out to agents

I have most of this done. I have a query letter written. It probably still needs a few tweaks, but it has been improving. I’ve been getting some positive responses, at least.

  • Make a list of agents to query (and agents to be wary of)

I did this one at the beginning of the year. The list of agents to be wary of has grown longer as the year goes on, but I have a core list of about 120 agents to look into. Which may seem like a huge list, but with the way agents are quitting left and right, it may not be that big of a list after all.

  • Send out query letters by at least the middle of the year

I have not done this one. Getting there.

But also, this goal might change. A lot has happened with traditional publishing in general over the past few years. Especially with how gatekeepers are acting. And not much within the industry has changed as much as they say it will.

So, not that I’ve given up on traditional publishing, but I am also looking more toward publishing with a small press or self-publishing.

  • Publish another poetry, flash fiction, etc. in a publication

This happened! I even have an author page with Cloaked Press under “Meet Our Family.” I’m in their Kaleidoscope Anthology.

My flash fiction with Weasel Press also came out earlier this year. Those are two printed books with my name in them!

Overall, I seem to be on the right track with my goals. What are your writing goals? Have you accomplished some recently? Leave a comment down below!

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