Book review – One for All (Spoiler Free)

“I’d failed to protect us. And yet, there he was, looking at me as if he believed in me, in my strength. I didn’t have a band of brothers in arms to rely on when everything was bleak. But I had Papa.”

  • Title: One for All
  • Author: Lillie Lainoff 
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Pages: 389 pages
  • Publication date: March 8, 2022

One for All follows Tania, a girl with a chronic illness who dreams of becoming a fierce Musketeer. Though her mother would rather marry her off for her security. After her papa’s brutal murder, Tania learns that his dying wish was to send her off to a finishing school…that’s not actually a finishing school.

Instead, it’s an undercover operation to train new female Musketeers. Their goal is to save the king, while Tania’s goal is more to find her father’s murderer. Their motivation clash as Tania gets her first target, who may not be quite who he seems either.

The characters were all great, each having their own distinct personality. I also liked that while most characters are likable, not all have this happy/courageous mood. Sometimes, they show a variety of negative emotions, which helps make them more realistic.

Lillie portrayed Tania’s chronic illness well. I didn’t find it confusing or awkward in any way. I also really liked that representation because I don’t see it often. It being an own voices novel is even better.

My main critique was for some translations. Since the story takes place in France, there are French phrases throughout. But in a few spots, obvious French is translated. For example, “Je suis désolée. I am sorry” translates to “I am sorry. I am sorry.” It seemed a bit repetitive and unrealistic. Could say something like “‘Je suis désolée,’ she apologized” to make sure the readers understand if need be. Though all the French used was basic for the most part, so I didn’t see a translation as necessary. In the context they were used, it was obvious what the characters were saying.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and devoured it in about three days. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves historical adventurous books.

Score: 8.7
Average rating on Goodreads: 4.08/5

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