My editing business’ one year anniversary!

On this day last year, I launched Dragon Editing Services. And now, a short year later, my business is still going strong.

I got my first client within a month. Soon, I was booked months in advance, and I still am. My year has been full of books, conferences, webinars, and more!

I also have already gotten 20+ testimonials. Here’s my most recent one:

What can I say about the work Robin did for me? Wow! Robin is a pleasure to work with. Her comments are thoroughly explained, and she is both encouraging and supportive. All of her edits and suggestions were spot on. I really feel like she connected with my work and was sensitive to my message and my voice. I know my book is immeasurably better because of her sure hand and seeming encyclopedic knowledge of the rules of writing and when to break those rules. Thank you so much, Robin. I can’t wait to work with you again on the next one.

David Dean Lugo, April 2022

I’m editing my 50th and 51st book right now. My total numbers throughout my editing career so far are:

  • 49 dragons hatched
  • 9,800+ pages edited
  • 2,620,000+ words edited

I hope I can continue growing as a business into the next year. Now, I’m off to enjoy some chocolate cake to celebrate.

21 thoughts on “My editing business’ one year anniversary!

  1. Congratulations on the growth and well-deserved success of your editing business. And thank you, once again, for all your guidance and all that you’ve done for my new novel, Letting the House Go, soon to be published by Unsolicited Press.

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  2. Congrats on your editing business. I’m learning all I can about the editing business and building my own business. I’d love to have you on my podcast called Inspirational Journeys: Stories that Matter to talk about how you got your business started. Email me at if you’re interested in being my special guest.

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