ARC Review — Ghost Rememberer

  • Title: Ghost Rememberer
  • Author: Tyrus Buckley
  • Genre: Historical mystery
  • Pages: 382 pages
  • Publication date: January 16, 2022

Thank you, Tyrus Buckley, for giving me a copy of the book in exchange for a fair review!

Ghost Rememberer follows Brenton Grey as he solves a series of tangled mysteries in a small town. While a humorous ghost follows him around, he must catch three killers.

This story has a large cast of characters and secrets. The characters get introduced at a slow pace, which helps readers keep up with them. They are also quite memorable and can stand on their own. The dialogue for all of them was great as well.

Going through this story reminded me a lot of Sherlock and John and also Professor Layton and Luke. Brenton has a lot of Layton’s principles. He also has both Layton’s and Sherlock’s mystery solving skills. The ghost who haunts him—Charlie—is more like John than Luke but can stand on his own.

I enjoyed Brenton questioning his morals throughout the book. From gender identity to how he should righteously catch a murderer. The more he learns about the mysteries, the more he changes too.

My main critique is that a few character names start with the letter C. I’d get them mixed up from time to time, which would pull me out of the story. I also kept forgetting how a couple of them were related to each other. The large family tree is quite messy, so I kind of wanted a non-spoiler family tree to help.

I do want to give a quick content warning that if you can’t stomach gore, gruesome deaths, and more, this book may not be for you. It mixes humor with many dreadful elements.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book a lot. I don’t read many mysteries, but I’d recommend this one.

Score: 8.7/10
Average rating on Goodreads: 4.0/5

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