Results after 25+ submissions on Submittable in one year

For 2021, I wanted to get more of my writing published, building up that writing platform. So, I made a goal to submit something on Submittable two times every month. I actually ended up starting this in February cause the idea came to me a bit late. But I still submitted twenty-six pieces in total throughout the year.

My stats are:

  • 21 rejected
  • 2 accepted
  • 3 pending
Shows my accepted pieces in Submittable. At the top, it says "My Submissions." 

In the middle, it has three long rectangles with a green accepted mark on the left of each of them. The first row says Counterfeit — Coffin Bell Journal. The second says Mad World — Sheila-na-gig. The third says My recommendation — Weasel Press.

It was the most I’ve ever submitted in one year, but I like the results. I doubled what I got accepted last year, bringing my total up to three, and I still have a chance—though small—that more will be accepted later.

Every month, I’d find two to three places to submit to. I mostly looked for fantasy and sci-fi submissions first. If I didn’t find any, I looked for poetry. After that, I either wrote a piece for them or went through my backlog to see if I had anything that matched.

It was a daunting task though. A few months, I got super busy, so I ended up editing and submitting my work late at night.

Overall, it was good to push myself for it. Building some sort of platform is great. I’m thinking of keeping the same goal this year, just because of how busy I already am.

Have you done something similar before? Or have experience with Submittable? Let me know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Results after 25+ submissions on Submittable in one year

  1. There are so many, and sometimes it’s overwhelming. You have to decide which publication will give decent exposure. And, if you take in the submission fees for many of them . . . it can get expensive. As a sci-fi/poet myself, I say congrats!

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