A reminder for writers: time edition

Writers—myself included—seem to stare at a clock, wondering if we’re writing fast enough, if we’re hitting our goals on time, etc. But we often forget that life isn’t a race, and neither is writing.

You are amazing whether you write five words or over a thousand words today. It doesn’t matter how fast you get to the end, just that you get there.

If the creative juices are not flowing, that’s all right. It can take time. You don’t have to write every day to be a writer. And forced writing isn’t the best anyway. You can take some breaks.

Remember to take care of yourself during the process as well.

10 thoughts on “A reminder for writers: time edition

          1. I do too. LeeAnn! But “un-famous” authors need to attract readers and keeping prices low helps. What a business. And personally, I prefer readers over the small difference in royalties. That’s why I write… to have my stories reach reach readers and enjoyed. 🙂

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