2022 writing goals

Happy New Year!

I surprisingly completed all three of my goals for 2021. I got a job in publishing as a freelance editor, which has been going well. I’ve even got fifteen five star reviews! I also polished up my novel, and, on top of that, an editor looked over it. I got two more pieces of my writing accepted with two of them published.

Before writing this post, I didn’t think I accomplished much this year, but I am more confident about it now.

For 2022, my goals are:

  • Grow my freelance business more
  • Finish going through and inserting suggested edits from my editor
  • Write a query letter and get it good enough to send out to agents
  • Make a list of agents to query (and agents to be wary of)
  • Send out query letters by at least the middle of the year
  • Publish another poetry, flash fiction, etc. in a publication

2022 will be a big year, and hopefully, it all goes well.

What are your writing goals? Or your 2022 goals in general? Leave a comment below!

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