ARC Review — Diary of an Angry Young Man

  • Title: Diary of an Angry Young Man
  • Author: Rishi Vohra 
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages: 131 pages
  • Publication date: August 15, 2021

Thank you, Rishi Vohra, for giving me an ARC of your book in exchange for a fair review!

Diary of an Angry Young Man follows Raghav through his life as he tries to find his place. His world is ripped apart as a child, and he doesn’t know how to put the pieces back together again. Instead, he boils that anger up. But anger doesn’t get anyone far in the world.

That is until he meets Rani—an orphan child who lives on the streets. He wants to help her and turn his anger toward something better. But it’s hard to change once set in a path.

I enjoyed the storytelling. It has great lessons about heroes and perseverance. The characters throughout were all unique, not ones I’m used to seeing in literature. Raghav has most of the character development, but that doesn’t stall the story. It’s easy to relate to his character. I also enjoyed the setting. I haven’t read many stories set in India, so I liked seeing the cultural differences and similarities.

The main thing that stuck out to me was the story’s flow. The story seemed a bit slower than the rest in a few sections.

Overall, I enjoyed this read. This book is for an older audience with content warnings of death, rape, and sexual abuse. None are too explicit though. I would read more from Rishi again.

Score: 8.4/10
Average rating on Goodreads:

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