A writer’s journey (part ten) – getting an editor’s feedback

It has been a while since I’ve done a writer’s journey. Last time, I spoke about getting accepted in a journal and building my credentials. I’ve continued to do so over the past year. I made a goal last January to submit pieces on Submittable two times a month. Now, I’ve gotten two more accepted so far: a poem and a science fiction story.

Earlier this year, I got an opportunity for a free edit of my manuscript. A fellow blogger and friend, who I’ve known for years, was getting a college degree and needed to edit one. She had to present her edits in front of a college board, who had to accept them before giving them back to me.

I received the edits in early November. They fall along the lines of a manuscript evaluation: ten+ pages of detailed notes on what worked or didn’t work for the story. Mine went over subplots, characters, tension, future/fate (one of the themes), and more. 

It was great to get such direct feedback. I haven’t received much good feedback over the years. (I’ve even gotten some sexist ones before.) So, I appreciated being able to sit down and talk about where I wanted the book to go and get some good direction.

Overall, I don’t have to change too much. The story itself is in a good spot.

Soon, I’ll start my query letter drafts and build a list of agents to query next year. I’m going to try to spend most of December going through them (once my busy editing season is over).

It has been a long time coming, but I feel like I have more of a chance now. 

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