My experience on Reedsy so far

I’ve been on Reedsy as an editor since the beginning of May, and I wanted to give my opinion on the platform so far.

How it works

Reedsy is a site where writers can find editors easier. It lets them search by genre, languages, service, and keywords. Also, editors who have a 100% response rate are at the top. It offers services for books, translation, marketing, website, design, and more.

As an editor, writers send me queries with a word count, genre, job description, target market, and sample work. I usually do an editing sample for free and ask a few questions to get to know what they are looking for.

I did, however, have to send in an application and be selected to join the Reedsy directory. They accept editors who have years of experience, have a portfolio of previous work, and have worked with a publishing house before.

My experience

The platform works well for both sides. Writers can find talented and qualified editors quickly. They also can talk to editors, who must respond within forty-eight hours. Editors also don’t have to worry about writers not paying on time since writers link their cards.

Most annoying thing

Every place has something annoying, so here’s Reedsy’s: they charge extra on both sides.

From what I’ve heard, writers get charged a bit extra on top of the price I charge. I also get a percentage of what I charge taken away as a fee.

It’s a higher percentage than what I would’ve liked, but from what I heard, I can also write it off for taxes. Which isn’t something writers can do. So, if writers don’t want to pay the fee, they could find editors through other directories like EFA or search and contact them through their website.

Why the fee?

The fee is there since Reedsy does work on both sides. For writers, Reedsy finds talented editors and lists them out. For editors, Reedsy provides consul and helps on the finance side.

Many directories are paywalled in some way; this is Reedsy’s.


I enjoy Reedsy. I’ve tried Fiverr and Freelancer before, but most of the people who contacted me there were scams. On Reedsy, I’ve had zero scams, so it’s refreshing. On the writer’s side, my clients seem happy to use the platform and get their questions answered.

It’s a good directory to try out.

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