To writers who fear the first draft

Dear writers who are afraid of the first draft,

It’s all right. As cliché as it might sound, we’ve all been there with a blank page hovering in front of us. Uneven plot lines. Characters with blue eyes one page and brown eyes twenty pages later. Ideas swarm around in our heads, but none make it to the page quite the same way.

A book I recently read (Rage is a Wolf) talked about another book (whose name I don’t remember). That second book talked about how writing is like painting.

You do it one layer at a time.

Which I understood. Every time I rewrite or edit my novel, another layer goes on top. I learn why my character, Minerva, is angry while rewriting her scenes over and over. Before, she was an annoying character who readers may not have understood well. And though I thought I understood her, I didn’t.

But after painting and writing and painting and rewriting, her character grew and got flushed out.

This is all to say that you don’t have to do it all at once. A first draft is far from perfect. It’s a mold that you can shape and form over time. Don’t worry about how it looks or sounds.

Getting it on the page is more important. Write.


A writer who also needs to write more

9 thoughts on “To writers who fear the first draft

  1. I think I did five drafts before I start on my final one, when I was creating my book “Tullawalla” Rodin… your manuscript will never be perfect, but you must be happily satisfied within yourself that you have produced a good article the people will read ..

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  2. Good advice that I need to follow. I’m one of them who way to often fall in the trap of demanding of myself that a first draft must be perfect. And then giving up because it isn’t.

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    1. It’s a hard and valid trap to fall into. I honestly didn’t write one story for about five years because I didn’t think my writing was good enough. But eventually I wrote it, and I’m glad I did.


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