Dear California

Dear California,
I can’t get you out of my mind.
What is it like with all that
green and opportunities to spare?

Dear California,
Are the constellations still in your eyes?
Or have you fed us enough lies?
Am I really a no one to the moon?

Dear California,
Reality is not all what it seems.
But I hear your laughter three states over,
so I can’t help but wonder.

Dear California,
Is everything a carnival mirror?
Or do you keep some goodness 
stuffed in the back?

Dear California,
Could I achieve everything I want
without even seeing you?
Could I get constellations in my eyes too?

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

8 thoughts on “Dear California

        1. We’ve actually been getting a lot of rain this year! We don’t have any restrictions on water except to water our yards at night or early in the morning. I heard California has higher restrictions or not enough water for public restrooms. But I haven’t been out there in almost ten years, so I wouldn’t know for sure.


          1. Wow! watch out you don’t get washed away there. I see the toilet door now……”out of action, can’t flush…try the garden”

            Re water in California I read water from the water bombers vapourises before it hits the ground. that is scary knowing the wildfires there…..

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