How much does editing cost?

As a writer looking for editing services, prices can get confusing.

Every editor charges something different for many reasons. They have a variety of needs and bills to cover. They also have different levels of experience. Plus, it’s not like everyone can edit at the same speed. Some editors are faster than others, and some types of editing take a longer amount of time than others.

But there is a general ballpark that is easier to understand.

Manuscript Evaluation — around $600 – $800 (based on 50,000 words)

This is a report over all big concepts of your book.

Developmental editing — around $1,300 – $1,800 (based on 50,000 words)

This develops the overall story and concept of your book.

Copyediting — around $900 – $1,300 (based on 50,000 words)

This brings your story to a more professional level.

Proofreading — around $800 to $1,400 (based on 50,000 words)

This is the final editing phase before publication. It makes sure your work has no glaring errors.

This isn’t to shy anyone away from editing. Editors are vital to bring a story to life. Some editors charge much cheaper rates, while others charge a lot more. But it’s good to be prepared with a ballpark range, so you know what to expect.

If anything, go with your gut. If you feel like the editor will take care of your work and help you, go with them.

Hope this helps!

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