7 things to remember when building your fantasy world

Fantasy worlds are complicated to build since everything is foreign. If you’re a plotter (aka you plan your story before you write it), you may have thought most of this out already. But if you’re more of a pantser like me (aka you build your story as you go), you may have to go back and double check these things.

Here are the top seven things to remember when building your fantasy world:

The Magic system

This may be the most important part since many fantasy stories revolve around magic. Magic in one story doesn’t work the same in another. Where is the limit to your magic? How far can you push it?

The Creatures themselves

Every story has different creatures. While some are based on myth, you can create your own creatures as well. Who lives here? What do they want? What do they believe? What is good or bad to them?

The history

Most stories don’t start at the beginning of the world. So, what happened in the years before your story started? Was there any conflict? How did the world come to be?

the land itself

Make sure your towns have access to water. How large is your world? Are there other worlds connected? Do the mountain ranges make sense? (I’ve seen a mountain range before in the shape of a box. Don’t do that.)

The Town Life

What are creatures’ jobs? How do they make money? What do they spend their money on? What do they do for entertainment? How often do they have to work? How do they get their food? How are their children educated? Are there weekly or biweekly events?

THe rulers

Most of the time, these creatures suck and are greedy, but they don’t always have to be. What are the rules to live here? Are there even any rulers? How does the government work? Do creatures generally agree or like who leads their world?

The World’s Culture

What is the culture? What are some holidays? Is anyone an outcast or treated differently? What is something everyone looks up to? What are the norms?

Now, if I’m being honest, most of this won’t make it into one novel. However, it is important that you understand and develop your world.

Have a question? Feel like I missed anything? Leave a comment below!

4 thoughts on “7 things to remember when building your fantasy world

  1. I wrote several fantasy books before I actually sat back and thought about my setting. Now I have a binder full of notes and plenty of history built up around the land, wars, history, people, magic, and gods. Feels nicely fleshed out! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing a comprehensive checklist, so to speak.

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