Free chains

The world met me with a smile
Told me to dream for the skies
While putting chains around my feet

I grew up with chains digging into my skin
For years, I didn’t realize they were there
But when I did, I couldn’t take them off

Sometimes, the world comes back around
And lets a random person out of the chains,
filling them up with gold and green and power

Hope sparks in eyes all around me
They don’t believe me when I warn them
That the chains, most likely, will never leave

Cause the world doesn’t show up for us
It shows up for the people who already have enough
And says that they made the world a better place

Aren’t we a country that preaches freedom
Down throats until no one can speak otherwise?
We muffle, we are free

But I don’t think they know what that means
You’re never free until you can buy it
And they’re not gonna let you buy it

“I think that one of the worst things that billionaire culture has done is that it has infected the minds of the working-class people to believe that they are more likely to become billionaires than to end up poor and that the lower-class members of our society from a socioeconomic standpoint are depriving them in some way of resources. And they fail to see from a statistical standpoint that they are closer to those people they consider their enemy than they ever will be in any lifetime to the billionaire that they hope to one day become.” — Halsey

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

I was actually nervous about putting this poem out there. I hope it’s okay.

10 thoughts on “Free chains

  1. You did well…laid it out as it is. The richest among us are the most greedy, vile people on this earth—in my opinion. And they all want more…and more and more. To hell with the rest of us.

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  2. “You’re never free until you can buy it
    And they’re not gonna let you buy it”.

    Powerful and resonating! Sad and deeply true in two lines. I love you found the courage to put this out there. ❤

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