What fantasy writers need in their stories

I attended Fantasy Writer’s Week from ProWritingAid, and one of my favorite talks was over an emotion writers should focus on: wonder.

Wonder is a sweet mix between surprise and admiration. Bringing wonder into a story allows the reader to get more immersed in an unfamiliar world. It makes them want to know more.

Dave Farland mentioned popular examples, including Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Each story had a sense of wonder in every chapter. For example, in Harry Potter, we had the wonder of getting a wand, going to Hogwarts, being in the Forbidden Forest, etc. Each chapter grew on the lore and brought the world to life, little by little.

It’s a good question to ask. Does this chapter include wonder? If not, where can I add it?

Wonder can come out through:

  • Creatures
  • Magic system
  • Religion
  • Ruling (as in who rules over the land)
  • Senses
  • Setting

That isn’t a conclusive list, but it can spur some ideas.

Hope this helps!

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