2021 writing goals

Happy New Year (a few days early)!

I got some of my 2020 goals done, including publishing two short stories. One was published this November while the other will be published early next year.

For 2021, my goals are:

  • Get a job in publishing
  • Polish up my novel
  • Publish another poetry, flash fiction, etc. in a publication

Let’s hope 2021 is better.

What are your writing goals? Or your 2021 goals in general? Leave a comment below!

5 thoughts on “2021 writing goals

  1. I have been toying with the idea of goals for 2021. I think I want to ask myself again, what am I trying to accomplish with my writing. Is it merely publication? (Maybe) Is it fame and riches? (…Always) Is it something I want to say about the experience of living? (Now, that sounds like a Pixar story session…)

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    1. Those are all good questions. The answers vary for everyone too.

      For me, it’s more about publishing a good book and less about fame. But there are a lot of steps to that large goal. So, I try to break it down into smaller steps like editing my book, getting betas, making a query letter, submitting to literary agents, etc.


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