After three years of blogging, what do I think?

I’ve been blogging on WordPress for three years now. It doesn’t feel like it though. But after all this time, what do I think about it?


Blogging has pushed my creativity. I can’t quite think of what blog to write sometimes. I usually write on the weekends, which are also the days I’m tired from the week. Some days, I’ll look at other posts for inspiration or go to my list of old blog ideas. Other days, I have almost too many ideas than I can write. I’ve learned how to find a balance and my own rhythm.

I also learned a lot from the writing community here. Growing up, I was the oddball for always writing and reading. I didn’t know any other writers, so it’s cool to get feedback and to connect with others.

Also, I feel like I’ve grown so much as a writer. Looking at my older poems or posts on this site is such an ugh, I used to write like that? I’m glad that I’m improving.


To give the best experience, it does cost money to get the ads off my website, and I don’t make any money from blogging. Which, in a way, can suck because I am losing money in the process.

Another thing is that some of the posts I put the most work into never do as well as I had hoped, which also sucks.


There are more pros than cons to blogging. I look forward to posting and seeing the comments. I like connecting with other bloggers and feeling like I’m not the only one obsessed with books and writing styles.

15 thoughts on “After three years of blogging, what do I think?

  1. Happy anniversary 🎉. I think I consider WordPress the best of all ‘social media’ – if you can call it that. Here, it’s about expression and sincerity…it just feels a lot more like home than the other platforms which are so commercial, loaded with ads, and – dare I say – vain, a lot of the time.

    Keep up the blogging. It’s a beautiful companion in life 😌

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  2. I call blogging my addiction only. And yes it does cost. Too many plugins. If you need to earn money, learn to produce plugins 😁 that’s who make money not addicts like me. I’m sorry to laugh, but I’m only laughing 🤣 at myself. I receive numerous emails regarding this subject too. I must write a blog also. Keep blogging please about income 😂🤣

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