Writing is hard…

Writing is hard and complex because it’s as subjective as it gets.

Sometimes, someone will see the magic in what you wrote. Other times, no one will quite understand what’s on the page.

It’s okay either way. But it’s difficult for writers to see it like that. Sour reviews or rejections can make one almost want to trash an entire project at times.

It’s a complex spot to be in.

So, with one deep breath in together, I just wanted to say that it will be okay. Not everyone will like your work, and that’s all right. But there are people out there who will love the words you write. There are people who can’t wait to hear your words again.

Don’t write for the haters but rather for your fans.

But most of all, write for yourself. And keep writing.

14 thoughts on “Writing is hard…

  1. I found this EXCEPTIONALLY encouraging this morning RobinLeann. Thankyou. It makes sense but we can so esily become discouraged, because our writin is our “baby.” I do love constructive criticism though, but that tends not to be given.

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    1. So true, as much as I love the positive feedback I get, l also like constructive criticism although it’s not easy getting negative reviews. That said, I agree with this uplifting post. Criticism isn’t so bad if you’re writing for yourself and not others.

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      1. Thanks Lazarus. Often, I am not confident that my poetry is ok and I would far rather know if it is rubbish than not know. I amused to constructive criticism, having done university courses in Creative Writing. We all need feedback. None of us is perfect.

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        1. Definitely not. I don’t think perfection can ever be reached. But we can always get closer to it. Constructive criticism, if taken with a pint of positivity will inspire one to better their craft, so they don’t have to face the same criticism again.

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          1. I agree. I agree totally with constructive criticism. There is a bit of a problem with it though, in that it can be very subjective, and poetry is not a science. Poetry can produce feelung, and this can be dufferent in different people, on the same poem. So I think that we have to be aware here. Plus, constructive criticism has to be very carefully done, as some poets are very new ones whose confidence can be smashed easily. A good debate though.

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              1. Yes. I know how I used to feel at first when this happened. But fortunately, I met nice, kind people. It is goid always to be encoyraging. People here in WordPress are. It is a good community here 😊

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    2. Yeah, I agree. I found that some beta readers or so love to give criticism but don’t explain it well. Or they’ll never say what I wrote right, which leaves me to question the whole piece all together. It can be discouraging.

      I’m glad you found this encouraging though! Keep writing!


  2. I love how encouraging this post is, because I know I have fallen into ruts when I forget to write for myself. When I try and please others no good comes of it, but when I write something I can read twice over, I do not smile alone. 🙂

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