Random quotes I heard from writers

It has been a while since I have done a fun post, so here you go.

As I took notes during AWP this year, I ended up writing down random sentences writers said that stuck out to me. These sentences sound strange but fun out of context. They also almost sound like writing prompts.

Here are some:

  • “Year of our dark lord: 2020.”
  • “How do you learn to challenge authority if you don’t as a kid?”
  • “Wanting to dissolve into the carpet…”
  • “I want to complicate things. Complicate how they think.”
  • “Mics are weird. I’d rather just yell at you, but that’s not nice.”

  • “We forgot that people are humans.”
  • “Disney does not own the name Ben.” (In reference to fanfic about Ben Solo.)
  • *rambles* “Why don’t people like poets?”
  • “Orange man hat suit face…”

In a way, I can connect to all of them.

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