Turning out

“He’ll scour the land for you,” society told me.
They always whispered delicate words.
“He’ll turn over every single stone
Until he finds you, his one and only.”

But boys didn’t even turn my way.
They kept their eyes pinned onto the girls
Who change everything they can
To make themselves stars in the skies.

Do I need my own spinning wheel? My own demise?
Will they turn their heads to save me then? — Maybe.
Except I’m no Sleeping Beauty, not even close,
And my life is not the next Disney movie.

“He’ll pick you up in a carriage, my dear.”
But I shook my head. It’s the 21st century.
The only thing he’ll drive around is
Someone else’s car, one that he cannot afford.

But that’s if he sees me for who I am.
If he breaks open the glass and lets me fly.
Some men would rather watch me fall below
And tell me how to climb the mountain their way.

I’m not here to play a Disney fairytale game.
I can drive my own vehicle, one that I bought.
My hands will be on the wheel, not swaying.
I’ll leave those pretenders behind in the dust.

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

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