Inspiration for the late bloomers

I found a great quote from Sarah Anderson, and I thought I’d repeat it for all my fellow artists out there:

It’s okay to be a late bloomer. Everyone moves at their own pace. The pressure to do things at a specific time in your life takes away the vital space and thoughtfulness needed to make smart decisions and work towards goals in a way that is right for you!

—Sarah Anderson

We’re always pressured to do something better, be someone better. Then it can feel like you’re left to watch everyone else take off and do so much better without you. But don’t let that stop you.

People were born to be different from each other. We will all bloom at our own pace, in our own ways. No matter if it’s now or later, we’re all going to bloom.

And remember: humans created the existence of time, a clock, and a deadline. Life can still move on without all of that.

11 thoughts on “Inspiration for the late bloomers

  1. Robin, thank you for this encouragement.

    I often feel frustrated with myself (especially lately) because I am a slow-and-steady person.

    I recently heard from another writer that if they rushed too fast in the writing process of their book, then editing could take longer – as in days or weeks. I almost burst out laughing when I heard this. Days or weeks?! It took me several months to write my first novel, several months of editing and subsequent drafts after that, and then, an entire year of grammatical and developmental editing alongside my mentor (when we could find the time in the evenings) before I even started searching for an agent. Talk about being different!

    I also hear about young adults who are already flying in their writing careers. I’m nearing 40, and I’ve only just begun to embark on this adventure. Yes, I’d say I’m a late bloomer. Yet, I wasn’t ready before this. Not by a long shot.

    We all just need to love our lives, how we’re made, and avoid the comparison trap at all costs.

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    1. I’ve never heard of editing a book that would be done in days or weeks. I have seen a round of edits done in a few weeks, but that’s only *one* round of edits. A work of art needs more than that.

      Most writers that I know of that do well are already way into their 30s and 40s. But there are so many writers out there that we can’t keep count.

      I agree with your last sentence! So true!

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