Control your life

Sometimes I want to visit the world.
Other times I want to watch the world burn.

Sometimes I want to go somewhere with friends.
Other times I just want to be alone forever.

Sometimes I want to relax for a little while.
Other times I work until I can’t walk anymore.

But who are you to judge my feelings?
You’re not the one with the remote.
I will change the channel on my demand.

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

17 thoughts on “Control your life

  1. “Control Your Life” is timeless though, isn’t it? It’s an eternal issue how much and in what ways we allow others to have a say in our lives. What gets me are those who for some ghastly reasons of their own want to micromanage all their “friends” lives. If I had not seen such people myself, I would never believe creatures like that could exist.

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