NaNoWriMo update #4

Welcome back!

The fourth full week of NaNoWriMo has passed! Only two more days left! The month seems like it has gone by so fast.

I hope you have reached your word count goal, no matter how little or how small it is. It’s about the draft you get written down, no matter how ugly it may seem to you. You can’t edit something to make it better if nothing’s there.

For me, I’m close to where I want to be. Almost there. I’ve been on a word sprint to get as much as I can done even though my laptop is acting up. Here is how far I got with my unofficial goal so far (in the breakdown I used last time):

  • pages, I’m 43% through.
  • word count, I’m 66% through.
  • chapters, I’m 37% through.

And that’s something at least. I’ll probably end up finishing the novel in December like I always do.

Words: 71,116
Percentage through: 142%

“Here’s the thing: The book that will most change your life is the book you write.”

— Seth Godin

How has your time with NaNoWriMo going? Leave a comment below!

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