Should we keep writing ideas written down?

I have my own stash of writing ideas hidden away, but it’s like I’m storing them for nothing.

I don’t even think I’ve looked at my journal ideas for over a year now. I check the ones on Pinterest every once in a while, but sometimes that’s even is rare. It’s like I find all these cool ideas and then leave them alone forever.

But I’ve always found that the best ideas stay with me. I can never forget them. They mold inside my head until the story develops, and they become something more. Perhaps that’s why I never look at my stockpile of ideas. I write them down to remember, but the best ones are already stuck like glue.

What about you? What do you think? Do you look back at your writing ideas often? Leave a comment below!


Shout out to the book: Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories by Nancy Christie!

I’m so excited about this book, because I was a copyeditor for it. I just realized that it came out already about three hours before this post is published. But it has gotten awesome reviews on Goodreads (4.39) and great reviews on the publisher’s website too.

This is my first book that I edited and is now published, so I’m pretty excited about it. I loved editing this one. It’d be great if you can check it out.

(Stay tuned because two more books that I edited are on preorder.)

8 thoughts on “Should we keep writing ideas written down?

    1. That’s interesting that you keep them in the same place. I keep my blog ideas separate, and I usually use those ideas or take them off the list. Story ideas stay in a journal that’s almost never opened. I like the idea of being forced to go back through them though.



  1. I write things down all over the place! Even on toilet papaer lol. But, being blind, the best ideas stay in my head. I have hundreds of notebooks full of ideas! Congrats of the book. X

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    1. Never thought to write them on toilet paper before. That’s clever. I have written some on napkins though! Or on the back of my school homework.

      I do agree that the best ideas stay in heads. I feel like they morph and grow during their times there as well. It can be helpful.

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