More than writers

Every Tuesday and Friday, I watch the new Vlogsbrothers video like any other Nerdfighter. But—at the time I’m writing this post—the newest video from John struck me.

John, who is the John Green by the way, talked about his wife, which is rare. He didn’t gush over her or talk about an issue they have come across. But rather he talked about how her art influences him and his books.

She isn’t much of a fiction writer like him. Rather she is more into historic and art pieces found in a museum or so. Paint. History. Canvasses. She has a different artistic taste than him, but it has expanded John’s view so much.

For many of his books including Paper Towns and Turtles All the Way Down, the art she liked influenced him.

In the video, John seemed almost in tears with how proud he was of his wife with how much she has inspired him. But it also got me thinking. It’s interesting how looking at any other art—that’s not in your field—could still inspire you just as much. It can show you light into a new world.

So, perhaps even as a writer, I shouldn’t only look toward other writers for inspiration. Instead, I should broaden my perspective. I listen to a wide range of music, but I don’t know many artist who paint or dance.

A broad look at the world may be the way to go.

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