I’m a bad puzzle piece

Everyone has straight and curved sides
They know what they want and
They know what they’re good at
But I’m not one to follow the crowd

I somehow molded my edges to a point
To poke into everything and
I can’t state a reason as to why
I get my nose into so many things

I’m crawling through the mud
Poking at editing, music, interpreting, photography
And I love psych, but I can’t do anything with the minor
Or my tech comm certificate

Let me put my foot into another puddle
Just a jack of all trades, but I’m no master
They say it’s better than a master of one
But have they seen how spread apart I am?

One at a time until it all tips over
Who will accept me after graduation?
Surely, I’m not the only one who goes around
But I just might be too pointed

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

8 thoughts on “I’m a bad puzzle piece

  1. It’s thought provoking-
    Everyone has a straight and curved side…..
    Secondly jack of all shows that you are an all rounder kind of a person. Enjoy it.
    I can relate with it as
    I am also a pointed one 😊
    I’ll try to write on this topic in Hindi someday.

    Liked by 1 person

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