We have a chance

It may just seem like time flies by, running away from us. Every day we’re closer to the end but not closer to our dreams. Or are we? Does our chance to accomplish something decrease with age?

Not really.

Many writers first publish after they’re 30- or 50-years-old. Sometimes we forget that our heroes are not always about 20-years-old when they get their first shot.

Perhaps we need some adversity first to prove that we have words to write down. Or maybe we need some practice before finding the perfect words. Whatever it be, our time will come.

We still have a chance.

We will have our chance.

2 thoughts on “We have a chance

  1. I would say not to even wait for the chance – but do it when it feels it needs to happen. Sometimes the work has a life of its own, and we just need to be the medium through which it becomes tangible – visible to those who will benefit from the end product.

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