To writers? To readers?

Do I write for writers or for the readers?

The obvious answer would be for the readers, because their opinions are what I need. They’re the ones who buy books, read books, and write the reviews. They’re the ones who will get excited to see me if I write well.

But writers are the ones who need to approve me first. They’re the ones who will help edit my stories, perfect them. They’re the head threat to either destroy my story or let it rise. But they’re the ones who can shut me down first.

But there are also writers in disguise as readers. They pretend they’re just simple readers, but they read with a sharper eye.

A part of me says I write for all of them. I write to get the readers to love it, and the writers to not hate it. But that doesn’t sound quite right either. Maybe it can be a mix of all three.

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