Should we write what we read?

They say to write what you read, but I think that confines us in a way.

If we only write what we read, must we always read something we love? I’d only read fantasy/sci-fi then, never knowing any nonfiction or poetry much. I’d limit myself the number of stories I dive into. My world would be more of a bubble than it already is.

But if we don’t always write what we love, our lives would become a bore. We wouldn’t want to write as much as we already do. It’d be more of a chore rather than a fun hobby or job.

Maybe we should write what we love and read it all. It doesn’t have to always be one genre. We can read around and get ideas from anywhere. What if my next best idea isn’t from a sci-fi novel?

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

9 thoughts on “Should we write what we read?

  1. I would say write what you *know*…but even then, have the courage to experiment with what you don’t know.

    As for reading, there’s a question about whether you would want to be influenced by others or not. Some may want to maintain and nurture their own creativity and hence avoid reading others too much… It really just depends on each individual. I’d go with what feels right. Intuition over academic advice.

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    1. I hadn’t heard of not reading to not be influenced by others before. But that sounds interesting. Could work.

      I agree with intuition over academic advice. Gotta go with your gut sometimes.


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