All shields break

Shield your daughter
The world’s gonna get her

Teach her what’s right and wrong
Tell her that your 神* is the one

But she must know magic isn’t real
Before even watching Frozen

She can’t hang out with “bad” kids
She ends up with your older friends

But she’s old enough now that
Her shield’s gonna crash down

Soon, she’ll find a different world
Full of alcoholics and drug users

Full of people who read Tarot cards
And full of people who scheme to live

Her shield’s gonna crash down, burn
And she’s gonna find it in ashes, scared

Let’s hope the fire doesn’t consume her

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

(*神 means god in Japanese. Pronounced: ka-mi.)

11 thoughts on “All shields break

  1. I have a seven year old daughter. I let her know what’s real, what’s not. I show her the bad and the good, tell her to be wary – sometimes of both…. if she asks me about something, I don’t say ‘because’ but I explain to her things that I hope she’ll remember, or ask again when she’s older. Maybe I’m raising her to be cynic, but I dont’ wish her shield to shatter with no perspective of the world ahead.

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