Does editing make me a better writer?

People suggest writers to read more, but some also suggest editing. Does editing make writers better though? Besides helping with grammar mistakes though, how does editing improve a writer’s skill?

In a way, it helps me understand the publishing business more. When I was mainly a writer, I knew how the publishing industry worked, but I didn’t know it from the inside. Now with years of editing internships under my belt, I get more about what happens behind the scenes.

Despite all the red pen marks, editors do want the best for the written work. They want to improve it, so it can reach more audiences. They’re not a high level beast that never lets anything slip but rather a mythical fairy making sure your work looks the best it can be.

I also realized that the editing business is just a business. If I want my book published, I got to make sure my book is as marketable like everything else. Editors may know more about the market than me.

But those extra grammar skills help out in the end too. A literary agent or editor would much rather see a work that had been edited with a few mistakes rather than a work with mistakes in every corner.

So, editing does help writers a bit. It’s not essential, but it definitely helps.

2 thoughts on “Does editing make me a better writer?

  1. I think it helps a lot. For one, when you get in the (torturous) habit of editing what you write, in the future, a lot of the mistakes you noticed while editing can be avoided. Plus, it makes the work shine! And, if it’s not well edited, no publisher or agent will take it. And if self-publsihed, readers will critique the bad edits.

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