“Freelancer” or another title?

Sometimes using the term freelance editor makes the job seem easier than it actually is. Carefree. Simple. But it’s more like running a small business than anything else.

Freelancers have tax assessments to do, cliental to keep up with, projects to handle, breaks to plan, money to manage, etc. It’s not something people think about when they daydream about working at home.

It’s hard to become a freelancer too if you’re new to the business. Being a freelancer also means to sell yourself with what experience you’ve done. It’s hard to do that when you hadn’t held a job at an office for some years. Sometimes we can’t go straight into what looks easy.

Perhaps the term freelancer makes the field seem too easy, gentle. Small business owner might be a better title.

An article I read lately talked about this more in-depth if you want more information. What do you think though? Leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on ““Freelancer” or another title?

  1. It is running a small business! And some small businesses take 5 years to launch, which is what I keep reminding myself when I get rejected, don’t hear back, or submit articles to a client who ghosts me as soon as payment should’ve happened. Lessons learned the hard way!

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