What I noticed after 5 sessions at an editing conference

It’s strange when you think about how words matter the most to us, but yet we don’t talk.

We sit still by ourselves. Where’s the best place to see without people nearby? We pull out our laptops, phones, and anything else we can distract ourselves with. I mean, we’re surrounded by our people yet we stay in our boxes. It’s a lonely crowd.

Some of us are talkative, but we have to be near a friend or older with over five decades of stories to tell. Only then may we utter more than “excuse me” when we squeeze by.

We’re creative yet bound by our own limits. Don’t talk to anyone if you don’t have to. We don’t need more friends, just perhaps a different philosophy.

But once we talk, we understand each other.

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

7 thoughts on “What I noticed after 5 sessions at an editing conference

  1. Robin,

    What an interesting reflection and astute observation. Funny, I suppose those of us who choose to write or are compelled to write are introverts looking for an avenue to put our voice and thoughts out into the world. If we did muster the courage to talk to that stranger or that person across the cafe, would it be at the expense of the time it takes to show up, sit down and write? I think a wonderful reflection for you to share with us at the Go Dog Go Cafe today, thanks for stopping by!

    S Francis

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