Is having too many projects bad?

I might work on too many projects.

I have a novel and a novella in progress, editing away. I also edit on different critique sites like Critique CircleI edit my query, and I also edit other queries so they may glance over mine. I’m trying to write more to get a small publication as well.

But that’s not including trying to have a social life or working about 35+ hours a week to pay bills off. I also job search to see what I can do. I’m in a work mode all the time.

It’s not a bad thing though because I don’t work on every project every day. (Though I get close.) I’m always trying to find a balance, while also making progress in each direction.

Maybe one direction will take off enough to where I don’t have to work on the others as much. I’ve already made sacrifices for that. I’m too much of a jack of all trades and a workaholic to stop.

It’s not bad to have many projects as long as they’re not killing you.

15 thoughts on “Is having too many projects bad?

  1. I think it comes down to what brings you the most joy. If you love having a lot of projects in the works, then go for it! Enjoy the variety, enjoy the choices. If it’s stressing you out, downsize by creating a priorities list. We’re all different and we have to find what works individually… then embrace it and go for it. My two cents! 😀

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  2. Everyone’s process is different, so if you’re being productive, too many for someone else may be another’s Goldilocks zone.

    I tend to write best when I’m focused on one task. I’m technically editing the short story collection I wrote last year and working on a novel at the same time. In practice, I’m writing a novel and once in a while I pull up the collection and revise a draft. (At least the completed ones are getting published.) I know I’ll need to step away from the novel when I really want to get the whole thing done. The novel’s my priority though.

    Good luck with all your many projects!

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